Spring Property Management & Evaluation:

spring maintenance

  • Walk property with horticulturalist looking for damage in lawn area, planting beds, shrubs, as well as identifying damage in ornamental and native trees.

  • Decide on level of organic care for your property including your IPM (integrated pest management) for trees and shrubs throughout the year.

  • Design and implement a planned budgeted program based on your desires and the recommendations of the horticulturalist


  • One time spring cleanup consisting of:

  • Cleaning Gutters

  • Raking/thatching turf area

  • Preparing turf for reseeding and organic treatments

  • Cleaning planting beds

  • Edging and cultivating all beds

  • Pruning damaged shrubs and Ornamentals

  • *Mulch all bed areas

  • Organic treatments

  • Tick control applications

  • Begin weekly maintenance consisting of:

  • Mowing and trimming grass
  • Detailing and weeding beds