Property Management

12 Month Property Management Program

property management

North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service Inc. provides a 12 Month Property Management Program of maintenance services for a frequent monthly payment throughout the year.  This Program allows property-owners to successfully maintain their designated areas throughout the seasons of the year.  Each season requires a specific kind and a special amount of work to ensure that the premises be both clean, safe, and prepared for the conditions put fourth by mother nature.  Processes included in the Four Season Process include planting, seeding, feeding, and an integrated mix of landscaping services, tree care, shrub care, and a variety of miscellaneous services.  The 12 Month Program Defines North Castle as being a premiere Horticultural Provider in all yearly conditions.  Click below to explore the vast array of services we offer throughout the year in an integrated 12 Month Property Management Program.


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Additional Services Available Outside the 12 Month Program