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North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service harvests quality firewood available for pick-up or delivery.

Our firewood is comprised of quality hardwoods that have been seasoned extensively.  These wood bundles and cords are available directly through our main facility and can also be stacked on all deliveries for your convenience.  Each firewood bundle is available in a pre-packaged form or can be purchased in raw form (just pieces of firewood).  We pride ourselves in providing quality firewood, perfect for burning in a wood burning stove, fireplace, chimney, or heater.  Please contact us at any time in regards to our firewood sale specials.  Click here for more details!

Firewood is available in:

  • One Full Cord (128 cubic feet)
  • One Half Cord (64 cubic feet)
  • .75 cubic foot bundles which are great for condo owners and those with limited storage space.

      *Stacking Available on all Deliveries*

firewood for sale