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Plant Bed Detailing

The North Castle Horticultural Experts provide a quality landscaping experience like no other.  Each of the various landscaping services we offer is both special and professional-driven in its own way.  One of our most popular services offered in our arsenal or world-class landscape services is Plant Bed Detailing.  Plant Bed Detailing is an amazing way to accent your property at the smallest, yet most attractive areas, the Planting Beds.  We offer a variety of different services used in order to accommodate your garden / landscape needs in both the residential and commercial areas. Our goal is to change the look of your property periodically throughout the season(s). Providing sporadic change while making your property look great!


Plant Bed Detailing is Strategically Offered in the Following Frequency (Time Periods):

  • Weekly - Planting of appropriate plants in planting bed week by week
  • Monthly - Detailing Planting Beds once a month
  • Bi-Monthly - Accenting landscape planting beds once every two months


The North Castle Plant Bed Detailing Program is an Intricate Process Including:

  • Weeding
  • Cultivating
  • Mulch Application
  • Changing Existing Annuals Seasonally
  • Adding Perennials
  • Application of Bulbs