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Lawn Renovations / Installation

Lawn Renovation Install

North Castle Landscaping Speciliasts provide each lawn and landscape with the utmost care, consideration and expertise.  In doing so an integrated lawn renovation or installation program can be established.  This will be done in the efforts of either refreshing an older lawn, replacing a lawn completely, or undergoing a complete lawn installation from a new patch of land or cleared lot.  A lawn can be either installed or renovated using a variety of landscaping tactics.

North Castle Specializes in Lawn Renovation*:

Lawn Renovation is a landscaping masterpiece that is intricately handled by our landscape professionals, both professionally certified and licensed to operate the necessary chemicals and machinery needed to create a beautiful, healthy looking lawn.  The lawn renovation process begins with use of the existing property and collecting of appropriate soil samples / analysis.  Upon recommendation of our landscape professionals the customer will have the choice of adequately renovating the lawn organically or traditionally.  Organic lawn renovation entails the use of no chemicals while traditional lawn renovation relies on the use of stimulating chemicals to aid in the revitalization.  We Also Offer Long Term Estate Renovation, In which long term maintenance is executed in the lawns, plant beds, trees, shrubs, and all horticulutral aspects of the property. 

Lawn Installation Services Include:

  • Seed - Full seeding of a lawn stimulating fresh grass to grow
  • Soil - Installation of Soil; Top-Soil in order to provide the required nutrients for the lawn
  • Grading - Making sure the intended lawn space/area is prepared for lawn installation
  • Sod - The installation of patches of pre-cut grass on a prepared area of soil